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The Eternal City

'Rome is a lasagna, with each era of the city laid on top of the last'

Welcome to A Never Ending Rome
Discover, Feel, Think, Live
Discover together the beauty of the Eternal City: Feel like a Roman in the tour of Ancient Rome, Think like a renaissance genius lost in the beauty of the Sistine Chapel, and Live like a local in the magical streets of Rome.
Take a tour with Never Ending Rome and discover the Rome the locals love. Our guides are fully licensed and will share with you their knowledge and experience of Rome. Make your time in Rome a truly wonderful experience with Never Ending Rome guided tours. Click on the TOURS button to see the many tours we have to offer and we hope you'll share your precious time with us. 
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A never ending experience of eternal delights
Experience With Us

What is an experience?

It's the knowledge you acquire through a direct contact with a specific sector of the reality. For us an experience is something that Never Ending Rome can move on something that is unforgettable, an emotion, a feeling, your own experience. 
Our tours Reveal the history & capture the essence of Rome
Love Rome

Share with us the essence of Rome

Take a walk with us along the cobbled streets of Rome, stopping for a coffee in one of the many hidden squares, discovering the historical areas of the city where suddenly a place will be a memory in your heart.