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All about A Never Ending Rome
Never Ending Rome is an experience born from the fusion between the passion of an Italian tour guide and the ideas of an Irish golfer, who both share a love for Rome. 
Why Never Ending Rome?
The name comes from the movie NeverEnding Story, where the fantasy is strongly rooted in the reality, where our desires can happen and realised if only we want. 
In this way all the ideas, passions and curiosities for what we adore in the city, we would like to create for others a unique experience which come true.
Our love for archaeology, the art, the history, the green areas of the Eternal City and the never ending choice of Italian food and wine; we've discovered the best things in Rome and we want for you to experience the same emotions we had, but through your eyes and tastes. This is the spirit of Never Ending Rome: our suggestions to live a great experience your way. 
The Spirit of Never Ending Rome: Live a great experience your way
Elisa Rome Guide

Your guide Elisa

Rome seen through the eyes of an archaeologist, making available its innumerable wonders and curiosities to anyone wishing to discover the Eternal City and it's provinces. All our tours are exciting and instructive for children arriving to Rome for the first time and unforgettable tours for adults who want to move along the never ending routes and characteristic places of this beautiful city. Accompanied by a licensed guide with a masters degree in Archaeology, awarded with honors, with numerous excavations in Lazio continue to fuel the enthusiasm and passion that inspired Elisa to guide tourists to the archaeological sites and museums of Rome.
Years Licensed: 6
Languages Spoken: Italian (fluent) | English (fluent)